Digitalization has brought major changes and challenges in our personal, social and working lives as well as to our relationship with the state. The public discussion around the legal aspects of innovation as well as the impact of certain initiatives, is heated, raising a lot of debate. Ηave you considered how your organisation may take a meaningful position in the public debate and influence decision-making on topics relevant to you? 

At DLE, we have advised various businesses as well as state entities about technology applications, the use of data and the correlation between business freedom and human rights’ protection. We strategically prepare our clients for the public discussion that an initiative of theirs may trigger and at the same time, we lay the grounds for the efficient incorporation of legal tech principles in the final service/product/ application. 

DLE’s public affairs consultation gives an edge to every company so as to remain competitive and compliant, or in case of state services or legislation, to bear in mind every different component before moving forward with a certain action.

In your effort to innovate and stay in control at the same time, we are here to assist.

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