We are Digital Law Experts (DLE), a niche technology law firm based in Athens, Greece. Our expertise covers all aspects of digital law inter alia:

  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Cybersecurity & Cybercrime
  • Intellectual Property, Telecommunications
  • IT Technologies & Ethical AI
  • Set-up and support of whistleblowing schemes
  • Strategic public affairs consultation regarding innovation and the greater Internet 

We provide high quality legal advice, tailored to individuals and businesses of every size. From start-ups to industry leaders, DLE’s clients rely on our expertise and solutions to meet the ongoing challenges posed by the continuous flow of information. We are confident that in DLE, you will find a partner with flair and technical expertise that suits your needs, offering a seamless service. 

Cooperating with DLE, you will sense that we always keep abreast of the latest developments on our field and that our partnerships are based on mutual respect and strong ethics. As we always say, you hold the key to personal protection and competitive advantage, we just know how to use it.

Vision & Mission

To seize opportunities created by technology, in order to fight for businesses interests and individuals’ fundamental rights, while offering an innovative customer experience. 

To assist pioneers reach their milestones, supporting the Greek, European and global technology ecosystem.

Το work with interesting clients and colleagues of diverse backgrounds, enjoying every opportunity that broadens our horizons.

To work with interesting clients that give us the opportunity to engage in stimulating projects and collaborate with colleagues of diverse backgrounds.

DLE fully embraces a sophisticated tech-enabled, agile model, re-orienting the way in which a traditional law firm serves its clients.  

We challenge the status quo and are not afraid to think outside the box. We work hard and  strive for constant improvement to come always on top.

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