The development of technology provides opportunities for the misuse of both the internet and computers for commercial gain, espionage or other criminal purposes. Thus, cybersecurity threats and cybercrime are among the most crucial challenges that businesses and individuals may respectively face. 

Cybersecurity can be either seen as part of a general approach or a regulation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation or the PSD2, which impose as general security duty on organization, or as a topic itself since legislation is becoming increasingly specialized: the EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive) is a perfect example of cybersecurity legislation drawn up for specific market sectors.

Regarding cybercrime we defend and prosecute, representing individuals or organizations regarding crimes that have taken place in the cyber world or with the use of electronic means. They can either arise from breaches to attacks and their impact may vary from personal to global. 

DLE’s team is at the vanguard of the emerging legal fields of cybersecurity and cybercrime and is always ready to assist you or your organization.  

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